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Hey you! *whoever you are

This is like my very first blog, so don’t get confused if I post more crap than posting homeworks  ;]

I’m very exciting about this Creativity and Innovation class I’m taking ’cause I’ve been meaning to start writing again since my last diary that stopped in junior high. Before this class, I begun to think that my dream to be a columnist will never happen. Ever since I got into high school all I did is cheerleading and busy studying to get in my dream university, ITB *my dad is graduated from there too, I know, I am sooo having a father-complex, creepy

Thank God it was all worth it ‘cos look where I got, yyaaaay!!!!!! hahahha, yes I’m easily amused, so you better start to get used to it! Well, I guess this is enough, wishing you a happy reading and wishing me a published book!