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SCAMPER is a method used to generate ideas. SCAMPER consists of Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify/Magnify/Minify, Put to other uses, Eliminate, and Reverse/Rearrange.

In this task, I asked to create my own SCAMPER between the most innovative companies alive;





Here are my version of SCAMPER between the 3 most innovative leading companies:

1. Google Maps On The Ride

Here I Combined a feature of Google Maps that could show us direction to get to the places anywhere we asked. Using the connected device, the driver won’t have to drive the car all by himself anymore. The Google Maps that connected with the satelite, will instruct the car step-by-step to get to the destination. So it will be more fantastic than a GPS!

Here’s the interface that would look cool: 😉

2. Connected iPod

Apple has launched thousands of iPod from classic to nano, from shuffle to touch. They are all brilliant innovation and succeeded in keeping people coming back for more! However, in my version of SCAMPER, I would like to Modify the iPod by adding a built-in bluetooth. With a built-in bluetooth, users will have easy access to either send file or receive file from another iPod user. So iPod users won’t have to bring the iPod’s adapter everywhere and connect it to a laptop/PC to input songs. The iPod USERS can send songs or any file to each other iPod users!

3. Online Car

Imagine if you’re stuck in a middle of traffic but you have to do something online and it can’t wait! Or you’re late for an important meeting on the conference call but can’t do it because you’re still in your car. Here I Put the internet into the car so you can be connected online 24 hours 7 days a week even when you’re still in  a car. There will be no more wasting time on the street while you’re still on your way to one place and you can get done everything on your own time!


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