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all you need is love. get real!

Lennon said,

There is nothing you can do that can’t be done. All you need is love, love is all you need.

Is that true? ‘cos Lennon lived in the ’60s and ’70s.220px-JohnLennonpeaceAt that time there were all hippies and people busy striking to stop the war. All you care about is the world peace because your brothers and sisters got hurt and killed. But after the world passed the World War 2 (don’t think of the terrorist bombing and the never-ending-war in the Middle-East), now what? Is all you need still LOVE? Are you even need it right now? John Mayer is still alive and he said,

All you need is love is a lie, ‘cos we had love but we still say goodbye.

And I gotta say, I’m totally agree with him. I mean, not that I againts my old believe in Lennon’s songs but, the world has changed. Love is not enough now, it never is. People fall in love, people kiss, people get married. But then what? People get divorced, people hurt each other, people leave people for another people. That’s what people do after the war. No country to fight for, the new trend is fight for your own amusement. I’d say fuck it. I hate everything what people do now. But who am I to judge? The people are my bestfriends. The people are my parents. The people are my sisters.

I used to be the kind of girl who believes in what MJ said in “Heal The World”. I used to think that I will make a change later when I’m capable. But now I’m 20, and all I see how selfish people can get, how important material and status are, and how much someone can cause an unbelievable pain but then act like ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED!

Isn’t that psycho? Or am I just being too sensitive? Well in that case, as I grow older, I find myself not too fit on how the world works. Unfortunately I’m too chicken to check out from the planet, so I’m just gonna stick in for awhile, keep judging, and suck it up!

So I don’t know whether if all we need is love is true or false, but maybe we need the song to remind us when everytime life locked us out. At least I’m doing it, and it works, I do feel better, especially when the hotty Jim Sturgess images sing it, MUCH better!



Hey you! *whoever you are

This is like my very first blog, so don’t get confused if I post more crap than posting homeworks  ;]

I’m very exciting about this Creativity and Innovation class I’m taking ’cause I’ve been meaning to start writing again since my last diary that stopped in junior high. Before this class, I begun to think that my dream to be a columnist will never happen. Ever since I got into high school all I did is cheerleading and busy studying to get in my dream university, ITB *my dad is graduated from there too, I know, I am sooo having a father-complex, creepy

Thank God it was all worth it ‘cos look where I got, yyaaaay!!!!!! hahahha, yes I’m easily amused, so you better start to get used to it! Well, I guess this is enough, wishing you a happy reading and wishing me a published book!